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Strade & Autostrade


Strade & Autostrade is a bimonthly magazine specializing in issues of the construction, maintenance and management of road infrastructures in Italy. Formed by a group of experts, it contains the most modern and complete studies and develops in the vast and complex road world. Published in six issues a year with 14,000 copies printed, it provides technical articles dedicated to studies, roadcworks, solutions to the various construction and maintenance problems of road works, installations for the production of conglomerates and special machines for laying, earth-moving machines, equipment, systems, materials, safety, road management, traffic, transport and services. Enriched with updated news on the developments in the industry, it advises Fairs and conventions, updates on Rules and laws, Finance and Information Technology. With the collaboration of academics, professionals, technical offices, trade associations, Technical firms and public administrators. On http://www.stradeeautostrade.it/online/index.php there is the online version, an innovative way to make information in the technical publishing: the extension of the content in this version is an integration of the paper version.

Actions for the campaign

“Strade & Autostrade” brings to its readers the messages and the contents of the road safety campaign. "Strade & Autostrade" contributes, through their own content on road safety, to the enrichment of the Campaign web site.