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Meet the characters of the Campaign

Robert Risktaker

He is superficial, noisy, absent-minded, airy-fairy ... and an engineer! He doesn’t understand the risk he runs and makes the others run with his aggressive, inappropriate driving, often headless of rules. He is often subject to accidents, but he never learns. Besides (as it never rains but it pours), he is also unlucky: when he gets himself in a mess, it’s always in the worst place or way. He was deducted so many penalty points from his driving license he could win the first award in a contest, if there was one. In addition to that, it was Manuel who deducted his points. Nonetheless, he appreciates Manuel because he is fair, so they are still great friends.

Speed is my passion … No fear in tunnels

Never drive when you’re tired Don’t eat or drink while driving

Don’t smoke while driving Check the medicaments you take before driving

Christine Faint

As many female drivers, she is quite sensitive, cautious, and emotionally smart. Because of that, she contributes to maintain a bubble of safety around her. As a matter of fact, according to the statistics from many different sources, men are more likely to be involved in accidents than women. In this light, and thanks to people as Christine, the old say “woman driving, peril thriving” proves to be a clumsy attempt to neutralize the bias. She can’t stand Robert when he drives. His aggressive and careless driving makes her blood rush to her head!

Always use appropriate child seat

Don't do your hair, don't make up, don't change your clothes while driving!

Don't use your cell phone if you don't have a hand-free system, bluetooth or headphones

Patty Risktaker

She’s a lively and lovely girl, everybody likes her. She’s Robert Risktaker and Christine Faint’s little daughter. Whenever she gets in the back seat of a car, she’s nothing but reckless and she unfastens her belts all the time, which irritates Christine and distracts her father from driving (quite badly).

Never unfasten the seatbelts in the backseats

Don't keep children on your lap Don't keep unsecured objects or baggage inside your car

Lock the doors automatically Don’t leave children alone in the car

Charlie Risktaker

A well-built, young boy, mad for sports cars (and Esther). He’s the elder son of Robert Risktaker and Christine Faint. Unfortunately, he took more after his father than his mother – he shows all possible risky behaviours: he drives after drinking, and he gets home late after dancing the night away with Esther.

Don't drink alcohol

Don't take drugs when driving

Don't send or read sms while driving

Esther Chanteuse

She’s a model, and Charlie’s girlfriend. She has no driving license.

Rest your feet on the dashboard

Exchange of effusions while driving is forbidden and cause serious accidents

It is dangerous to pump up the volume of your stereo while driving

Manuel Right

He is a road police officer. As such, he has a great instinct: he has a real nose for danger! This way, he often acts just in time to prevent problems or mitigate adverse effects efficiently. He feels his mission is to safeguard public health and order strictly; thus, he faces up any danger and effort with equanimity. He’s a great friend to Edward and Robert. When the three of them dine out together, he gives up his beer and always volunteers as the appointed driver for the return trip.

Watch your reaction time Always keep safety distance If you caused or witnessed a crash, stop and help Always wear your seat belt, even for short trips

Secure your loads properly Keep your position on the road Check the tyres

Monitor the state of shock-absorbers How pets should be carried Never abandon your pets

Edward Dash

He’s part of the Traffic Monitoring Personnel of the ASTM‐SIAS Group. He monitors traffic flows and is ready to rush as soon as a problem arises. He was granted a promotion to the function of operator at the Traffic Control Centre thanks to his rapidity and the great professionalism he shows in his everyday work. He often works with Manuel Right, whose pragmatic minds and timely intervention are embraced by Edward, both when intervening on the road and working at the Centro Operativo Autostradale (COA).

How to stop in case of emergency

Use sos emergency call boxes Beware of fog

When it’s raining Beware of aquaplaning

Frederick Cautious-Pius

He’s a patient and correct truck driver. He rarely shows wrong behaviours. When he happens to do something wrong, it’s always due to a lack of information. He’s cautious and very respectful of the others. He loves driving smoothly and uninterruptedly, which allows him to travel carefully and save fuel. He observes speed limits and break times, and he applies himself in driving so that no one could ever be damaged by him.

Secure the cargoes on your trucks

Observe driving and break times

Claudine Alwaysready

She’s an emergency doctor. She is strong and resolute. Although she has a vast experience, she can barely accept what she is forced to see. Working along the motorways is not her main activity, of course, but this task has given her a better understanding of human nature and the consequences of behaviours. This way, she has become a more than ideal driver. Her professional skills allow her to face the terrible effects of car crashes. She doesn’t boast off because she has saved human lives or faced many diverse situations which were considered as impossible to solve. On the contrary, it is the greatest incentive she can see to confirm she choose the right job.

Albert Resolute

He’s a fireman, and an incredibly pragmatic person. He can make quick and timely choices. Public safety is his personal belief, technical knowledge his viaticum. Motorways are just one of the trouble scenarios he rushes to in his everyday work. This is why he feels prevention is the main tool to ensure safety. In addition, he became a skilled, cautious driver in the first place, even when he drives the fire brigade truck with its siren blaring and he could do anything to get to the site as fast as he can. He is daily ready to cooperate with Manuel and Edward to share the technical responsibilities arising from emergency situations and traffic demands. He’s always ready to go, in the day and nighttime, to help people in the first place, but also to protect assets, and namely the most precious asset of all, for all of us: environment.

Marius Brown

He is an architect and co-ordinates a design team with a mould fit for a harsher battlefront. He is undoubtedly self-centered and often looking for strong emotions. He always conducts unpredictable and sometimes transgressive. His attitude led colleagues and neighbors to a healthy caution and distance in relationships. When he drives, he often experience anger towards other drivers and he does not even try to hide his emotions. He drives aggressively. He meets.... nobody else that all the bastards on his way.

Therese Blizzard

She studied to be a lawyer she teaches civics in a high school Institute downtown. She likes to play the mother for her students and she try to teach them in order they understand and pay respect not only to the code rules, but also that they can assume an ethical conduct. She feels emotions of anger when she is blocked on the road and even not only in that case. Her inquietude, constant when she is driving, sometimes leads her toward an aggressive behavior. She cannot endure her son in law Charles when he drunk drives.

Fabricius Allknowin

He is always ready to help his friends. He is deeply sure, indeed confident, to be hyper-attentive and to be hyper-respectful of each and every rule being fully formal and fair. He always is relaxed when driving, even when he finds troubles on his way. Sometimes he also drives "a little fast, but just a bit". He would never afford having doubt on his capability in driving, i.e. a feature that - without any reasonable doubt – he considers enough to allow him to prevent any kind of accident. Incidentally he consider himself as "tolerant" with the road code, even if he feels rather obvious that it is not just written for the careful and experienced people like himself.

Jeremy Risktaker

He is the grandfather of Charles. No one knows how old he is. We only know that the top elders, saw him as an experienced chap since when they were little boys. Unluckily, his vision is not anymore so performing and also reaction times are quite poor if compared to a long time ago, when he used to be called "Jee the fast". Jeremy is plastered to his car, but it is not love: it's fear. In fact he clearly has in his mind that if losing his driving license, he shall quickly have to find new solutions, in order avoiding to turn into a burden for children and grandchildren. On the other hand, he also knows that his driving, having lost in precision and measurement, is beginning to be a concern, not only for him but also for his children and neighbors. Regular renewal of the license, for Jeremy, means trouble and anxiety. He has translated for the rules of the road the famous aphorism of Cicero: "none is so old to think that he could not drive still one year more".

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