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Read the campaign messages. Your behaviour is crucial to guarantee a safe circulation on roads.


My name is Edward Dash, I’m the mascot of this site. I’m fresh-faced and smiling, because I stand here on behalf of the thousands of people who are available 24/7 to make your journey comfortable and safe – road users are always on the move, and we are always with them.

Manuel Right and me work hard all the year long, even at Christmas, at Easter, and on New Year’s Eve. It is  a very challenging work – we aim at nothing but your safety when you travel … and, thinking of your past journeys, I believe you see we succeeded in that.

We are experts in the possible magic of road facility operation. Managing viability services is a demanding activity, which has to be carried out by people having a deep knowledge of infrastructures, able to interpret the smallest failure and provide attentive maintenance to guarantee a positive trend in safety and efficiency.

However, we cannot afford to be stuck in theories, as we are daily called to fix extreme events timely and effectively, may they be of environmental/climatic nature or incidents/accidents.

We have a lot to study: we observe the roads and facilities, we observe they way YOU perceive and exploit the infrastructures at your disposal –  human beings are our priority, technology and rules are our route.

In order to be efficient, we need to keep our vision of events pragmatic and practical. This is the only way we can defeat our greatest enemy: time. To fight against time and cope with travel needs, I try and become a quicker and quicker Dash day by day.

I have a lot of friends helping me in such a difficult fight. Even in critical situations, we do our best to have our resources available, thanks to Claudine AlwaysreadyAlbert Resolute , and many others supporting our everyday efforts.

Nonetheless, it will all be useless without YOUR help. We trust YOU! Your behaviour is crucial. Grab the wheel of your life: choose a responsible behaviour. Look at our cartoons and, if you like them, if you think they are useful, disseminate them among your friends. Spread the culture of safety among your dearest ones and those whose safety on the road is of your concern.

Yours sincerely,

Edward Dash

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